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Vim measures the amount of raw, spiritual energy that a character possesses. Depending on the game world that you’re playing in, Vim can be used for any number of things, from magic spells to psychic powers, even pure combat characters can use Vim to pull off special attacks. Attacks using Vim are powerful and may be able to turn the tide of a losing battle as they often bypass a character’s armor and do damage directly to hit points. You can also use Vim to pull off special moves that reposition your character and/or an enemy to setup a devastating coordinated strike. For these generic rules, we’ll simply explore these extra combat abilities to get an idea of what can be done with Vim, but keep in mind that this system could be applied just as well to magic and/or psychic powers.

Choosing Special abilities

Special abilities are chosen based on the amount of total Vim that a character has. To figure out the number of special abilities, simply divide the Vim amount by 5 and that’s how many special abilities/attacks you can possess. So a character with a WILL of 6 will have a Vim rating of 15, giving him the ability to choose 3 special abilities (15/5 = 3). Special abilities can only be chosen during character creation or during the level-up process. New special abilities can be chosen when the character has a high enough Vim rating (usually every 5 levels, depending on how often you raise your Vim stat).

Using Special abilities

To use special abilities, the character simply expends the amount of Vim listed for the power and performs the action, although some powers/abilities may have other requirements or restrictions. Each ability has a Success percentage associated with it as well that the character using it must roll under to succeed. Strike/Defense modifiers are not applied to these rolls at all. If a character does not have enough Vim, they cannot perform the ability and must wait until they have regained enough Vim or have raised their Vim stat enough. Vim can be regained by resting, at a rate of 1 Vim point every hour.

In the case of magic spells or psychic powers, however, both the user and the target characters would factor in percentage bonuses/penalties from their Power/Resist trait to determine the success of the ability. This only applies if the magic/psychic attack lists ‘(save)’ after the Success percentage. This does not apply to any combat- or defensive-type abilities.

Special abilities/attacks

Special abilities will follow this format:

Name of ability (# Vim spent)
any requirements to use or choose ability
Type: ability type Success: % chance that ability works
Range: # ft (#sqrs) Damage: (if applicable)
Duration: # turns/ # rounds
Description of the ability being used and it’s effects and/or damage.
Body Hardening (4)
Type: defensive Success: n/a
Range: self Damage: n/a
Duration: 1 hour
This ability essentially adds Damage Resistance to a character’s Hit Points. Whatever the character’s current HP is when using this ability, they may ignore 25% of that in damage for a single attack. This ability lasts until the next time a character is hit by an attack or 1 hour (whichever comes first). This ability does not protect the HP of armor, only a character’s own HP.
Extreme Focus (5)
Type: general Success: n/a
Range: self Damage: n/a
Duration: 15 minutes
With this ability, a character may perform a single skill check as if it were one difficulty level lower, so an Average job becomes Easy, and a Hard skill roll becomes Average. An Easy skill roll would simply become an automatic success (but not an Outstanding success). Note that Impossible skill rolls are always Impossible because the GM probably doesn’t want you to succeed for a reason.
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind (6)
Type: defensive Success: n/a
Range: self Damage: n/a
Duration: immediate
This ability gives back a character an amount of fatigue points equal to their Fatigue rating. A character may not have more fatigue points than their Fatigue rating.
Get Your Ass Up! (2)
must target a prone ally
Type: defensive Success: n/a
Range: adjacent Damage: n/a
Duration: immediate
You pull an adjacent ally up to his feet, he is no longer prone. This does not incur any interrupt attacks.
Go For the Legs! (7)
Type: combat Success: 50%
Range: [W] Damage: [W]
Duration: 1 hour
If successful, this attack deals your weapon’s regular damage to a target’s legs (direct to hp, must be within range). In addition to the damage, the attack also slows the target down by decreasing the target’s Speed by 3 points.
Kick Him When He’s Down! (5)
must target a prone enemy
Type: combat Success: 80%
Range: adjacent Damage: 4d6 (+ STR bonus)
Duration: immediate
You simply kick an adjacent prone target, dealing 4d6 damage to the target.
Punishing Uppercut (6)
must have a STR of 6 or better to choose this ability
Type: combat Success: 60%
Range: adjacent Damage: 4d6 (+ STR bonus)
Duration: immediate
This is a powerful uppercut attack that sends an opponent flying 1d4 squares (5-20 ft) away from you in addition to the damage. The target lands in a prone position.
Second Chance (8)
Type: general Success: n/a
Range: n/a Damage: n/a
Duration: n/a
Use of this ability allows the player to re-roll a single die roll, but they must accept the result of the new die roll, even if it is worse than the original roll.
Strategic Withdrawal (3)
Type: defensive Success: n/a
Range: self Damage: -
Duration: 1 turn
Use of this ability allows the character to move away from adjacent enemies without suffering from an interrupt attack. Note that this only applies to the first square that a character moves away from, after that you are still vulnerable to interrupt attacks from any other enemies you may come in range of.
Teamwork (2)
Type: defensive Success: n/a
Range: 1 ally within 5 spaces Damage: n/a
Duration: until your next turn
When used, this ability allows you to aid any ally within 5 spaces (25 ft) by giving them a +10% bonus to either their Strike or Defense modifier. This bonus lasts until your character’s next turn.
Voices in my Head (10)
Type: general Success: n/a
Range: self Damage: n/a
Duration: 10 minutes
When used, this ability causes a character to fall into a trance-like state. Somewhere inside their psyche they hear a voice call out to them and lets them know what their next course of action should be or gives a subtle hint as to where they should be heading. It’s not entirely clear whose voice it is, either a part of their sub-conscious, a dead ancestor, or some other God-like being.
Your Mother Is A Hamster… (5)
Type: combat Success: 75%
Range: 1 enemy within 5 spaces Damage: n/a
Duration: until target dies or new target chosen
When used, your character releases and insult so vile against an enemy they will be forced into attacking your character to the exclusion of all others. Affected character’s will take the shortest route to your character, even if it means opening themselves up to interrupt attacks. May only use this ability on one target at a time.

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