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This section covers special rules pertaining to the use of miniatures. Due to the specific nature of miniature combat, special rules must be taken into consideration. During normal combat, players simply explain what they are doing and either roll the required dice or the GM tells them if they are able to do it. With miniatures, however, each piece needs to adhere to a strict rule system, much how chess pieces can only perform legal moves and actions.


For our purposes, squares and spaces are used interchangeably. Each square represents a 5 foot by 5 foot area. The squares themselves may be physically of any size, but typically they are 1 inch by 1 inch. Every character inhabits a single square and cannot share a space with another character. Any surrounding squares around a character are considered adjacent.


Most characters have a Speed rating of 6, this means that these characters can move up to 6 times or 6 spaces on their turn. This applies to all regular squares, however, depending on the terrain that a character is moving through, their movement may be limited or it may require more than one move to get through a space. Even moving diagonally counts as a single move, but characters may not move diagonally to cut across a corner. Instead, they must make at least one more movement to get around the corner.

Line of Sight

Whenever a character is making a ranged attack (or even a melee attack in some situations), they must be able to “see” their target to be able to attack. This is determined by drawing four invisible lines from a given corner of the attacker’s square and connecting those to each corner of the target’s square. If all four lines connect without going through a wall or another character, then the attacker has a clear shot. If only one line is blocked then, the target is said to have Partial cover and the target gains a +10% bonus to their Defense modifier. If two to four lines are blocked, then the target has Full cover and gains a +25% bonus to their Defense mod. If all four lines are blocked, then the target is not in the attacker’s line of sight and they cannot directly attack them. Targets that are out of sight can still be attacked indirectly, with area effect attacks (like grenades), or in some cases, by shooting through the wall itself. Such an attack would depend on the structure of the wall and would be considered a Wild attack and the attacker would have a -20% penalty to their Strike mod, in addition to the bonus to target’s Defense modifier from having Full cover. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean it’ll work. Base-to-hit is still figured as normal for range, as if the wall wasn’t there.

Melee attacks that are done across a corner give the defender partial cover and the defender gets a +10% bonus to their Defense mod. Shields may also grant Full or Partial cover as well, depending on the size of the shield used.

Characters with ranged weapons may make attacks around a corner at no penalty (provided they are standing directly adjacent to the corner), since this can be imagined as a character popping around a corner, firing off a shot and then ducking back behind cover. As long as the attacker’s corner of choice from their origin square has full line of sight to the target, there is no penalty. However, if an attacker is shooting at somebody who is behind a corner, the target will gain a Partial to Full cover Defense mod bonus.

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