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This is a new system based loosely off of a few different gaming systems, but is mostly a squad-based tactical RPG. This system is classless, but allows characters to decide how their characters grow based on their actions over the course of a campaign. The main features of this system are:


  • Quicker and more frequent level-ups administered by the players so that the GM can stick to running the game world and players can keep track of themselves, rather than relying on the GM to hand out XP at the end of a session.
  • Performance-based leveling. Characters only gain levels in those abilities that they use, rather than gaining in everything every time they level up. Hopefully this will encourage more creative and frequent uses of skills.
  • Quick character generation. All players essentially start out with the same attribute set. How they place them is up to them and how they compensate for weaknesses or play up strengths is up to them. The goal of this is to encourage cooperative team play to make up for each character’s weaknesses.

Occ Ops campaign setting

Occ Ops is the first setting in this new under-development campaign, but will hopefully branch out into other genres should the motivation to do so persist.

The first campaign will start off in the city of Chicago, but where it ends up after that is anyone’s guess.

More to come later

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