Character Generation

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1. Name your character (or wait until the end, totally optional)

2. Distribute the numbers: 10, 8, 6, 6, 4, 2 amongst your Attributes. Alternatively, players can just select a Build and fill in those numbers. Take note of bonuses from each attribute score.

3. Fill in Secondary traits as determined by your starting Primary attributes.

4. Choose a Personality type. Keep this in mind when selecting certain skills later on.

5. Choose Perks and Quirks. Each chosen perk/quirk will add/subtract Karma points. You may choose no more than five perks/quirks combined and at the end of this step your Karma points must equal zero. Be sure to adjust any stats/skills based on which perks/quirks you choose.

6. Choose Skills based on starting number of skills (determined by INT). Skills start at your Basic ability + 5% + any bonuses/penalties from attributes.

7. Choose your starting Equipment. Each character starts with $1000 and may spend as little or as much as they please.

8. Choose Special abilities/attacks based on Vim rating. Divide Vim rating by 5 to determine starting number of Vim abilities.

9. As an option, write up a paragraph-length description of your character, their motivations, and/or their background. If there’s something particularly compelling about it, try to get the GM to incorporate it into the storyline.

10. Game on.

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Character Generation

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