Occult Ops

A Phone Call is Made...

1: Hello?

2: You heard about Chicago?

1: Yea, their cell out there got hit. That one of our operations?

2: Fuck no, you think it’d be all over the papers if it was?

1: Locals then?

2: From the looks of it. They even bagged up some dust as evidence…

1: Shit. Last thing we need is them running tests and figuring out what that stuff is. I take it we’ll need to get a cover on this, what about the locals involved?

2: There’s three of them. Have a Verity pick them up. One other thing: Porter, Iblis, and the sisters escaped.

1: Understood. There’s bound to be a retaliatory strike, I’ll get Verity on those detectives right away. We bringing them in?

2: We still don’t know anything about them yet, have Verity run them through a test first.

1: Got ya. Vixere fortes ante agamemnona.

2: >click<

Vigilante Cops Go On Deadly Rampage

(news clipping from the Chicago Tribune)


August 12, 2009

Three local police detectives with the Chicago Police Department’s Narcotics division stand accused of illegally breaking and entering into a residence on Chicago’s south side Tuesday night, leaving a horrifying bloodbath in their wake. The detectives had been part of a special unit formed to tackle Chicago’s increasingly violent problem with the street drug known only as Dust.

Apparently the detectives became incensed upon learning of the kidnapping and possible rape of an undercover colleague, Lt. Norah Brady, and broke into a residence suspected of housing a gang selling Dust, crushing the skull of one man and then killing three others in a grisly fashion. The detectives are believed to have brought attack dogs with them and set them on the gang members they believed had kidnapped their fellow officer. The identities of the three are unknown at this time as investigators are still pulling dental records to try to find a match. The toxicology report has not come back from the lab as of yet to determine if any drugs were involved. The detectives, however, claim no knowledge of any dogs and no dogs were found at the house, but officers on the scene reported that markings on the bodies found were consistent with animal attacks.

The three detectives involved have been suspended pending an investigation into the matter by the CPD Internal Affairs. The detectives claim no knowledge of two of the victims and insist that the man with the crushed skull was killed in self-defense. They reportedly claim that the house contained a violent gang of drug dealers who were involved in bizarre ritualistic killings. When officers were dispatched to the scene there was only the detectives and the missing undercover officer, but no sign of the gang members and only a handful of college students who had been reported missing just weeks ago, found chained and locked in a cell. There appears to be some corroboration to the detective’s story from the college students, but the kidnapped officer is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation and appears to have suffered serious psychological trauma and has been unable to back up the detective’s story.

The three detectives, Yardie Jones, Joseph Fraiser, and Darius Karnen were unavailable for comment and the owner of the home, Theodore Porter, is being sought by police as a person of interest. An unidentified elderly woman is also being sought for questioning, but police would not elaborate on her connection to the case.

A Troubling Series of Events Begins...

Christ. I didn’t think I would see this day come. We’ve trained for it for years, knew that one day it would come, but we never really believed it’d finally be here. I had always just assumed they would burn themselves out in one big massive orgy of destruction. The papers and the conspiracy nuts would have a field day with it for sure, but at least the public wouldn’t know and casualties could be kept to a minimum.

Now I’m not so sure anymore.

I wish things had been different. I wish Bertrand were here still. I wish we hadn’t lost so many good men and women over this insanity. I was there when we first brought it through and I wish to God I had done what needed to be done then. But, being what it is, somebody else will need to take up that responsibility. I’m too old for what needs to be done now. May God have mercy on all our souls.

-J.M.E. McTaggart


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