Occult Ops

A Phone Call is Made...

1: Hello?

2: You heard about Chicago?

1: Yea, their cell out there got hit. That one of our operations?

2: Fuck no, you think it’d be all over the papers if it was?

1: Locals then?

2: From the looks of it. They even bagged up some dust as evidence…

1: Shit. Last thing we need is them running tests and figuring out what that stuff is. I take it we’ll need to get a cover on this, what about the locals involved?

2: There’s three of them. Have a Verity pick them up. One other thing: Porter, Iblis, and the sisters escaped.

1: Understood. There’s bound to be a retaliatory strike, I’ll get Verity on those detectives right away. We bringing them in?

2: We still don’t know anything about them yet, have Verity run them through a test first.

1: Got ya. Vixere fortes ante agamemnona.

2: >click<


paddirn paddirn

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